Beauty and the Building of Character in a Literary Story
An Empathetic Fictional Character is Multidimensional
Is it, or is it not, irony?
A Secret of Great Literary Fiction Stories as Art
Career planning for aspiring, literary-fiction-story writers.
Improve storytelling by flexiblity in writing style
What To Do for Writer's Block
A Fiction-Writer Changes Style with Image-Words
The effect of passive voice on your fiction-writing style.
Why Select Stories Succeed Best as Literary Fiction
When to use backstory in literary fiction
Action and Imagery
Are you a storyteller?
What EM Forster taught us about flat and round characters and how to use it.
Keep readers involved when writing literary fiction stories
Fictional Dream, Literary Style, and Storytelling.
How funny are you?
Mastering the Power of Literary Story
Achieve character-driven plots in literary fiction.
Genre Disses Contemporary Literary Fiction
To revise a fiction story, apply fixes judiciously and consider significant change.
Rate and Logic in Revealing Story information in Literary Fiction
A Prescription for Creating Great Literary Fiction
To be … and when not to be … in developing literary style.
Errant simile and erosion of literary style
Want to write a literary story that lasts?
Character-Based Plot: Not Easy But So Effective
How Writers “Murder Their Darlings” (and stay out of prison)
When is a fiction story a literary art form?
Mastering the Power of a Literary Fictional Story
If you're a writer and no one reads your stuff, be sure to make your openings irresistible.
What do you do to make scenes come alive in literary fiction?
What would you do if you had a chance to, right now, start your life again?
Lasting literary-story characters mature and blossom like a sturdy oak. How do you do that?
How do unsuccessful novel writers build houses?
Ferreting out MacGuffins in a literary-fiction story
Finding theme in literary stories
Excessive Pride and Self-Confidence as Motive in Storytelling: Characterization and Plot Example
Seven elements for writing fiction stories
The Seven Fundamentals for Writing Fiction Stories
Creating Scenes in Fiction: An Example Using an Historic Photo
Why is narration perspective important? Isn't understanding point of view sufficient?
Imagination and Creativity in Literary Stories: A Guide for Writers
A Wannabe's Guide to Literary Fiction Success
Creating Excellence in Fiction: a comment to a student
Eight Fundamentals for Writing Fiction Stories
Effect of Discursive Narration on Literary Story
Letter to a Student: Career Advice
Creating Effective Scenes
Frequent Failures of Contemporary Writers: Story and Character
Writing Sex Scenes in Literary Fiction
Searching for Literary Fiction
The Habit of Being by Flannery O'Connor
Victims as Characters in Literary Fiction
Graphic Novel Formatting for Online and Mobile Devices
Thoughts on Fiction and Story: Response to a Workshop Question
Story Beginnings (13): What Engages You?
Becoming an Author
Why Should a Serious Fiction Writer Use Second Person Narration?
Memoir Is Not Fiction
Workshops on the Novel: Rules for Teachers, Guidelines for Students
Authors Competing with Story for Reader's Attention in Literary Fiction
The Quest for Greatness in Literary Fiction and the Failure of Authorial Self
The Three Pillars of Literary Fiction: Engagement, Entertainment, Enlightenment
Advice for Fiction Writers Taking Creative-Writing Workshops
Student Critiquing in Workshops: Analysis and a Caution
Academic Fiction: A Distinct Genre
The Renaissance of Literary Fiction: Join the Revolution
Summer Workshops: Tips for Learning Literary Fiction
Why Contemporary Literary Fiction Fails to Achieve Excellence
Improving Dialogue
What Exactly Is a Character-Based Plot?
Genre Disses Contemporary Literary Fiction
Exposing the Dark Side of Academic Fiction Workshops
Engaging a Reader in Literary Fiction
Fertilizing Imagination
Publishers: Gorging on Authorial Hope
The Danger of Overuse of 1ST Person Narrative in Literary Fiction
Rapping on the Teaching of Creative Writing
Style of Writing and Literary Fiction
Literary Stories Must Be Significant
Meaning in the Literary Fictional Story
Imagination in Literary Fiction
Great Fiction Is Creative, Not Intuitive: Getting Started
Literary Fiction Needs Writers Who Care About Story
Creating Effective Dialogue
Reevaluating Student Critiques in Creative-Writing Workshops
Coppin' a'tude About Poetry Contests and Fees and a severe caution issued
Top-Ten Rules for Fiction Workshops
The Devil in Literary Contests
Save Literary Fiction


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